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Terms and Conditions

Whitley Crest reserves the right to revise our prices when necessary without prior notice.
Prices are per day (not night) and include insurance, food and exercise.
No discounts are given if the owner brings in their pets own food.
Insurance claims must be informed to us within 72hours of departure
Our insurance only covers injury or illness that occurs directly from the stay with us, we will ask you to pay any vet fees incurred if it is determined that the illness was a long standing condition or previously known or declared. All breeds receive the same level of care: therefore our prices for all sizes remain the same. Please note our opening hours are strict and no admissions will be accepted outside these times. Emergency contact numbers must be available 24hrs a day, if in doubt of network coverage, we recommend you leave us a local number.


It is the responsibility of the customer to make us aware of aggressive or nervous behaviour of your pet. We cannot stress enough the importance of introducing your pet to us before boarding to enable us to work with them to help with the transition. We offer a Taster Day free of charge once a booking has been confirmed with a deposit. As in the event of any pet showing aggression to a member of staff we reserve the right to refuse admission. Bringing your pet in just before we close especially if not boarded before with us is not advised.

Inoculations and Insurance

All pets must be vaccinated, current and up to date vaccination certificates must be produced upon arrival. Batch numbers and vet signatures must be visible. We strongly recommend the Kennel Cough vaccine: please note it does not cover all strains of the infectious bronchitis. Please contact us or your vet for further information. If you choose not to have the vaccine our insurance cover will be void if the virus is contracted during their stay.
IMPORTANT  Kennel cough vaccine must be done two weeks before boarding starts it is a live vaccine and your dog can be contagious and high risk to other boarders. A booking will be refused if this precautionary request is ignored.

We are able to administer medication at no extra cost apart from out of hours medication i.e. Diabetic injections – please refer to price list for more details.

Each pet is insured up to £1500 whilst in our care. We will not be liable for any disease incubating or any condition existing prior to boarding. Illnesses must be reported no later than 72hours after the collection of your pet.

Payment Terms

Payment accepted by either Cash or Cheque.
Deposits and a completed booking form is required for each stay, £20.00 per dog & £10.00 per cat.
Deposits Only can be made by BAC 09-01-53 86703981 Ref Pets Name / Surname.
Deposits will not be transferred to another booking.
Boarding fees must be paid in full before the animal is returned to the owner.
Refunds will not be given for early collections of the date stated on the booking form.
All days booked will be charged for.
Surcharges will apply on bank holidays,
£2.00 per pet this is to cover increased staffing costs.
Surcharge will apply for pets not collected on the agreed date during peak seasons.
Deposits are non refundable/transferable after 8 days after a booking has been made.
A cancellation of a booking within 10 days of arrival will result in the boarding fee to be paid in full.


Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 & Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 Whitley Crest Ltd is required to hold certain personal data on our customers in order to care for their pets and liaise with vet practices. Under the GDPR we are required to take care of such data to keep it safe.



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